*NEW* Stormy Daniels CBD Hemp Flower Tea (16% CBD) USA Import - DAPPE

*NEW* Stormy Daniels CBD Hemp Flower Tea (16% CBD) USA Import

Freshly imported from our friends in Colorado, the Stormy Daniels strain comes from the Trump 1 parent cultivar mixed together with the floral, fruity Berry Blossom strain. The result is a fiery, feisty indica strain that invigorates the body, awakens the senses, and drowns out discomfort for an all-encompassing calm.

Smell / Taste  - While the Stormy Daniels cultivar gets most of its effects from the T1 parent strain, it inherits most of its flavour and aroma from Berry Blossom. The aromatic strain is floral and fruity, giving off a feminine fragrance that’s easy on the nose and pleasant on the senses. On your first drag, the light, easy, and zesty taste can dazzle the tongue and caress your taste buds in a truly sensual flavour experience.

Effects - Calming, relaxing, and slightly euphoric. 

CBD - 16%. Each gram contains 160mg of CBD

THC - 0% (<0.2%)

Full Spectrum - Contains other cannabinoids and terpenes which help provide the much desired entourage effect!


Dried at a temperature of 18° in a humidity level of 60% for a perfectly cured bud.


PLEASE NOTE: This is not recreational cannabis / marijuana. This is CBD rich processed industrial hemp and has been declared as such when imported into the UK.

'Processed' hemp flower tea is exempt from the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. (MODA)