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Blue Dream CBD Hemp Flower Tea - DAPPE

Blue Dream CBD Hemp Flower Tea

NEW BATCH: 02/04/20

This beautiful strain is sourced from our growers in Spain and is produced by crossing Cannabis Sativa L with Blue Dream genetics from California. 

Taste / Smell - Blueberry with sharp earthy sandalwood, grape, floral and crisp citrus.

Contains a whopping 22% CBD content. Each gram contains 220mg CBD.

Dried at a temperature of 18° in a humidity level of 60% for a perfectly cured bud.

Sold as tea.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not recreational cannabis / marijuana. This is CBD rich processed industrial hemp and has been declared as such when imported into the UK.

'Processed' hemp flower is exempt from the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. (MODA)