Scientific Studies

Over the past few years the laws regarding CBD and other cannabinoids have started to relax, not just here in the UK but also globally. Because of this more and more scientific studies are now being conducted in order to help us fully understand CBD (cannabidiol) and other cannabinoids, and how these benefits can be applied.

Below are are links to some very interesting articles which include scientific studies and other articles regarding these studies. We will continue to add to this list.

1. Harvard Health - CBD (Cannabidiol) What We Know and What We Don't

2. PubMed - CBD Prescription in Clinical Practice: An Audit on The First 400 Patients in New Zealand

3. European Journal of Pain - Study on Mice Shows CBD Dramatically Reduces Inflammation and Pain-Related Behaviour in Arthritis Sufferers

4. U.S National Institute of Health - Use of CBD (Cannabidiol) in the Treatment of Epilepsy: Efficacy and Security in Clinical Trials

5. Depression Alliance - What the Science Says: CBD Clinical Trials

6. CBD For Arthritis Recommended by the Arthritis Foundation