Discover The Power of Nature with Dappe Biotech

Discover the Power of Nature with Dappe Biotech

We are a family run business and one of the leading CBD oil suppliers in the UK. We produce some of the best quality CBD products on the market and only use natural and organic ingredients. This is what sets us apart from other companies. Our products include CBD vape pens, CBD vape oil, CBD tinctures, CBD buds and CBD edibles. The raw CBD we use is extracted from the Cannabis Sativa L plant via a CO2 critical extraction. This is sourced from a family run farm in the Netherlands where the plants are grown organically.

Our goal is to educate our customers on the many health benefits of CBD oil and to offer a safe and reliable alternative to synthetic pharmaceutical drugs.

High Quality / Low Prices

We sell our products exclusively online and direct to consumer. We don't deal with any wholesalers or retailers, so by cutting out any middlemen we can keep our prices low whilst providing top quality products.