The Amazing Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD is one of the most talked-about subjects of the moment. Why is this, and what is it all about? In the article that follows, we will explain what CBD is and where it comes from, why it is getting so many column-inches, and the health benefits that many claim come from using CBD. 

Dappe The Amazing Benefits of CBD Oil UK

What is CBD?

CBD is shorthand for cannabidiol. This is one of more than 100 compounds that can be extracted from the cannabis plant, and is one of a family known as cannabinoids. Already you can see why there is some controversy with regards to CBD – as cannabis, the plant itself, is not legal in the UK. 

However, CBD itself is a legally obtainable product, but we should explain that there are a number of requirements within the law that need to be met. CBD must be extracted from a strain of cannabis known as ‘industrial hemp’. The reason for this is as follows: another of the cannabinoids in cannabis is known as THC. This is the compound that, when one smokes marijuana, provides the ‘high’. THC is the psychoactive element in cannabis, while CBD is not.

The industrial hemp plant has been deliberately cultivated to be high in CBD and low in THC. In fact, for CBD oil and other products to be legal in the UK, there must be no more than 0.2% THC content, and the THC must not be easily separated from the product. The upshot of this is that while you will get the benefits of taking CBD – which we will come to shortly – it will not get you ‘high’.

In summary, then, CBD is a compound extracted from the industrial hemp plant that is used to create many products such as CBD oils, edibles and more, that is now legally available in the UK. One more thing we shall say before we move on is that, as yet, a medical licence for CBD has yet to be granted in the UK. It is, therefore, available only as a health supplement. As we shall see, there is plenty of evidence that – in fact – CBD does offer some very impressive medicinal benefits.

Dappe CBD Oil UK

The Benefits of Taking CBD?

While there have been clinical trials using CBD in other countries, and there is plenty of research ongoing, it’s important that we stress we are not medically qualified! What we are telling you here is from user testimony – in great numbers, we might add – from both the UK and the USA (where CBD is very popular and, notably, where cannabis itself is gradually being legalised). So, what benefits have been claimed from taking CBD oil?

Perhaps the most common use of CBD is as a pain reliever. There is plenty of evidence from satisfied users who suffer from chronic pain – and other painful ailments and injuries – and, indeed, a report in 2017 from the World Health Organization said that there is evidence from sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, some diabetic conditions and even cancer that taking CBD helped relieve pain and suffering. The report is careful to say that as yet there is no firm, laboratory produced evidence that this is the case, but the numbers of people reporting such effects are too great to be coincidental.

Further benefits include some claims for weight loss, help with sleep patterns and – among the most interesting and promising of all – many patients who state that it helps alleviate anxiety and stress, and may also help with depression. Indeed, sufferers of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder who have tried CBD have also reported it to be successful.

In short, there is tremendous evidence from users in the UK – where numbers are thought to be around 300,000 – and the USA that CBD can help relieve pain, is of benefit to anxiety sufferers, and can also help with managing a number of chronic ailments and conditions. Research is ongoing, and those in the industry are very hopeful that positive confirmation of the medical potential for CBD is forthcoming. 

 Benefits of CBD


How to Take CBD

CBD is available in a number of forms. It can be taken as ‘edibles’; these are sweets that are infused with CBD oil and are easy to take and discreet. There are also tinctures, but the best way of getting CBD into your system – and by far the most effective and fast – is to vape it. If you don’t vape already it really is worth considering.

The reason vaping is the most effective method of taking CBD is because you inhale the vapour – with the CBD – directly into your lungs. From there, it goes straight into the bloodstream, with the effect being almost instantaneous. If you were to take CBD as an edible, you would need to wait until it had passed through the digestive system to enter the bloodstream and take effect, which takes a lot longer.

You can buy CBD vape pens that are already loaded with the product, and they are perhaps the best way for novices to start vaping CBD oil. Also, another way is to vape or smoke hemp flower / CBD buds. This way you are ingesting CBD in its most natural form. If you want to take it by edibles, the choice is of course yours, and some people prefer this method as it is very discreet.

Summary of the Benefits of CBD

As we have explained above, it is important to remember that CBD is not yet licenced as a medicine in the UK. This is because its effects – and benefits – are still being researched on an ongoing basis. However, there is overwhelming evidence from great numbers of users both here and in the USA that CBD is a very effective pain reliever, and it is used by many people with chronic pain complaints to great effect. 

It is also useful, according to testimony, in other areas such as relieving anxiety and stress, and there are trials ongoing – using mice – that suggest it may even stop the growth of cancer cells which, if confirmed, would be a major breakthrough.

Our last word is that if you are going to take this very helpful product, please ensure you find a reputable supplier who can guarantee the quality of the CBD oil you buy. Dappe Biotech’s products are manufactured by using only the best quality organic ingredients and are all 3rd party lab tested.

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