CBD Oil - What's All The Hype About?

CBD (Cannabidiol) exploded onto the scene a few years back when it stopped an epileptic seizure dead in its tracks when it was given to a patient live on TV. Since then people have started to recognise it's amazing ability to treat and prevent a variety of illnesses and conditions including chronic pain, anxiety, depression, inflammation, ADHD, seizures, MS, Parkinson's, schizophrenia and even cancer! But what is this miracle compound and how does it work?




The cannabis plant contains over 84 compounds which all have medical benefits. CBD (Cannabidiol) is the 2nd most prominent of these behind THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Both of these compounds are very similar but with one major difference; THC gets you high / stoned, CBD does not! CBD is completely non-psychoactive so it can be consumed before driving, doing sports etc and it will not impair any of your senses!



To understand the effects of CBD (Cannabidiol) one must first understand how humans are naturally set up to respond to it. The human body, and all other mammals in fact, naturally have what's called an Endocannabinoid System. This system is regarded as the largest neurotransmitter system in the body and is responsible for maintaining and regulating mood, memory, sleep, appetite, immune function, pain perception, stress recovery, immune balance and bone development. It generally helps the body maintain a healthy biological balance. The Endocannabinoid System consists of receptors that lie on top of the cells in the human brain, organs and immune system. These receptors exist purely to accept and respond to Cannabinoids. So whether this an evolutionary miracle or a divine creation, it is an amazing thing that should be embraced! When these receptors are exposed to CBD it causes the human body to do the most positive and magical things. For example, cancer cells have been proven to commit suicide when exposed to CBD. When CBD is consumed it is incorporated into the body's natural Endocannabinoid System and binds to the cannabinoid receptors forcing tumour cells into a state of apoptosis, meaning they self-destruct without affecting healthy cells at all. Chemotherapy on the other hand is invasive and is known to damage and even destroy healthy cells. 

Scientists have proven that CBD does even more than benefit the Endocannabinoid System and that it's effects are far more profound. CBD also affects serotonin receptors which are important for mood, adenosine receptors which are important for the wake - sleep cycle and vanilloid receptors which are important for pain modulation.




The benefits of CBD are almost unbelievable. For too long outdated and out of touch laws have banned a plant that will probably become one of the most important medicines of all time. Fortunately this has started to change. Here in the UK the NHS have finally recognised CBD as a medicine which is a really positive step in the right direction, however our friends across the pond in the US haven't been so fortunate as CBD is still classed as a schedule I drug, which is quite ridiculous considering heroin is schedule II. 

The next few years will be very interesting with regards to the benefits and legality of CBD around the world; so watch this space.

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